Pedestal vs. Vanity: Which Bathroom Sink is Right for You?

Last week, our friends at Danze, Inc. asked a simple but intriguing question on their Facebook page:

Pedestal sink or vanity? Which do you prefer?
There was only a few responses, but on thing is quite clear: consumers really like vanity sinks. Over 80 percent of respondents chose it over the pedestal sink style.
But what’s the difference between the two sink styles? Vanities seem to be popular, but are pedestal sinks a worthy investment, too? Let’s compare the two!
Pedestal sinks
pedestal sink

Image via Kallista

If you hate the clutter and disarray that can gradually appear underneath the sink, a pedestal sink is perfect for avoiding just that. These provide a clean and streamlined look and feel in the bathroom – ideal for a modern motif if that’s what you’re going for. Simply place a basket of fresh towels or toilet paper underneath, if you’d like. The only thing is you’ll need somewhere to store common toiletries, beauty products, etc. You should also be comfortable with plumbing fixtures on display.
Vanity sinks
vanity sink

Image via Kallista

Vanity sinks come in many different styles – some with ample storage features and some without. What we’re focusing on here are the ones that are pretty much the opposite of a pedestal sink. Vanities are like pretty furniture in the bathroom, complete with all the storage you could possibly need for all your daily use. There’s usually plenty of countertop space, too. The only downside might be what some consider a bulky appearance that takes up a lot of space.

No matter which style you prefer, PDI has tons of bathroom sinks for you to choose from. Visit one of our Atlanta area locations to pick out your new sink today!

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