Faucets, Fixtures & More: How Long Should They Last?

Once you’ve invested in a new appliance, furnishing or another prominent home feature, you expect it to last a long time, especially if it cost a lot of money. But exactly how long should your new purchase last?

This Old House featured a summary of the NAHB’s Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components. By looking at life-cycle date from manufacturers and rigorous testing, experts were able to come up with some solid time frames to help consumers.

  • Kitchen sinks (made of modified acrylic) – 50 years
  • Kitchen faucets – 15 years
  • Bathroom shower enclosure – 50 years
  • Shower doors – 20 years
  • Whirlpool tubs – 20-50 years, depending on use
  • Bath cabinets – unlimited life expectancy
  • Showerheads – unlimited life expectancy
  • Toilets – unlimited life expectancy (when inner components are properly replaced/maintained)

It’s quite common for homeowners to settle into their property and use certain fixtures and features for years. Is it time for new components? Check out our website, RelyOnPDI.com to see our product offerings that are available throughout the Atlanta area.

Image from This Old House


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